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Research on Teaching and Practice of Applied Undergraduate Colleges Based on OBE Concept——Taking the Course of Business Etiquette as an Example

Ningxin Liu


Business etiquette is a practical course, which aims to cultivate students’ personal quality and etiquette habits
and help students improve their comprehensive workplace quality. With the acceleration of building high-quality business
applied talents, business etiquette course is gradually becoming a more important part of the courses of business colleges.
OBE education concept plays an important role in business etiquette curriculum, and provides a new scheme for the
implementation of hybrid curriculum reform. In order to better promote the learning of business etiquette, this paper
introduces the educational concept of OBE, takes application-oriented undergraduate students as the teaching object, and
explores the reform and implementation scheme of business etiquette mixed curriculum according to the traditional
business etiquette curriculum.


Business Etiquette; OBE Concept; Curriculum Reform

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[1]Wu C. Exploration on the reform of business etiquette mixed curriculum based on OBE education concept. China

Storage and Transportation 2021; (01): 131-133.

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the background of new engineering. Journal of Gansu Normal University 2021; 26(02): 104-106.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i6.3763