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The Fitness and Educational Value of Fitness Yoga Courses from the Perspective of Life Philosophy

Jing Peng


The introduction of life philosophy into fitness yoga courses can bring more inspiration to relevant teachers,
allowing teachers to start from life research, devote more care to the student group, highlight the interest and needs of the
student group, and create a student's willingness to participate Fitness yoga class. This article focuses on the in-depth
analysis of the "connotation analysis of life philosophy" and "the fitness and education value of fitness yoga courses from
the perspective of life philosophy". The focus is on the philosophy of life to explore the fitness and education value of
fitness yoga courses. And based on these education values, some practical methods are proposed to help relevant teachers
to better carry out fitness yoga courses and realize the multi-level education goals of fitness yoga courses in the context of
education reform.


Philosophy of Life; Fitness Yoga; Education Value

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