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The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Background of the Use of University TV Learning “Youth Learning” to the Application of Undergraduate Psychological Intervention of Junior College Students

Mingyu Shang, Xiliang Wang


This paper takes 727 junior college students of Harbin Far East Institute of technology as the research object,
through the study of 21 “Youth Learning” courses of University TV centralized learning, from the four main contents of
modern health standards, as well as two questionnaires of SCL90 and EPQ, the results show that there is a significant
difference, the students’ mood is more stable, and their health condition is significantly improved. This study is helpful to
form a system of mental sub-health intervention for the lower grade students in application-oriented universities. From
the perspective of “Youth Learning”, college students’ moral ideology and political position can be improved, which will
provide a strong scientific theoretical basis for the systematic report and research of improving college students’ good
mental health in the future.


HACCP; Food Industry; Impact Factors; Food Safety Management Systems

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i7.3789