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Construction of PBL Teaching Model in Mixed Teaching of Professional English in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Post Epidemic Era

Jia Gu


Post epidemic era refers to the era after the popularity of COVID-19. During the epidemic of new coronavirus,
online education has developed unprecedentedly. Various online education platforms provide great convenience for
education. Rich online education resources play a great role in students’ online learning. When students return to school
after the epidemic, it is a problem how to combine the advantages of online mode for mixed teaching of higher vocational
English. English courses in higher vocational schools not only learn the language, but also cultivate students’
comprehensive skills for future employment, such as thinking and solving English problems, independent learning,
communication and cooperation. However, students in higher vocational schools often lack critical thinking ability,
especially the ability to solve problems. Problem based or project-based learning PBL model can produce meaningful
practical communication, so it is an effective method to achieve the above educational objectives.


Post Epidemic Era; Higher Vocational English; PBL Teaching Mode

Full Text:



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