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Research on the Application of “Full Online” Model in Chorus Teaching under the Background of Epidemic Situation

Kai Zhou


After novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, online teaching has become a trend. Various educational
institutions actively promote online teaching mode and build online teaching courses, which has played an important role
in promoting the development of teaching informatization, also solved the teaching problems during the epidemic period,
and has kept classes suspended. In terms of chorus teaching, this is a collective performance training activity. Under the
background of the epidemic situation, this collective singing training cannot be carried out offline. Therefore, the
construction of online chorus teaching mode is one of the important directions of chorus teaching in the new era. This paper
analyzes the advantages of the “full online” chorus teaching mode under the background of the epidemic situation,
analyzes the difficulties faced in promoting the “full online” chorus teaching mode, and analyzes the development
countermeasures of the “full online” chorus teaching mode under the epidemic situation.


Epidemic Situation; Online; Chorus; Teaching

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