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Research on the Application of Language Proficiency Scale in College English Interpretation Teaching

Jian Gong


In the current teaching of English interpreting in colleges and universities, teachers need to combine the specific
content specified in the language proficiency scale included in the CSE as much as possible to implement targeted teaching
and training for students, so that students can maximize after completing their studies. Invest in the relevant professional
work management process to the limit. This article briefly analyzes and discusses the application of the language
proficiency scale in oral English teaching in colleges and universities, and gives corresponding insights.


CSE; Language Proficiency Scale; Interpretation; Application

Full Text:



[1] Xu Y, Mu L. Research status and application prospects of the Chinese English interpretation ability scale. China

Examinations 2020; (006): 27-35.

[2] Wang W. The application research of “China English Proficiency Scale” in college English teaching in applied

undergraduate colleges. High Education Journal 2020; (016): 50-53.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i7.3799