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Reflection on the Mixed Teaching Mode of University Mathematics in the Information Age

Zhiyun Yu


With the arrival of information age, it is very necessarily for college education to combine closely with the
traditional teaching mode and the Internet. Online hybrid mode still needs teachers to guide the form of a teaching model
based on face-to-face teaching and network teaching, and motivates students listening carefully in class, after class make
full use of network teaching platform for self-discipline and autonomous learning. On the other hand, big data era
encourage teachers in colleges and universities must improve their own professional knowledge and practical problems of
the combination of using some software such as Matlab, Lingo and Python, insert the classroom teaching, break the
originally single theory teaching, and ignore the actual problem to make use of software to motivate students abilities in
modeling and numerical simulation.


College Education; Hybrid Teaching Mode; Network Resources; Mathematics; Software; Mathematical Model

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