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Analysis of Causes and Countermeasures of Injuries and Deaths in Public Security Police’s Enforcement Process

Xiaoyi Bu


Under the normal state of the new market economy, the increasingly complex and severe social security situation
has continuously increased the number of casualties of the police in law enforcement, but also threatened the lives of
ordinary people. The public security police shoulder the important mission of maintaining national security and social
order. The continuous increase in the number of casualties is not conducive to the realization of the development goal of
national stability to a certain extent. For this reason, this article mainly systematically analyzes the causes of casualties in
the law enforcement process of the public security police. In-depth discussions on effective countermeasures were carried
out to promote the safe operation of the country and society while reducing the number of casualties.


Public Security Police; Law Enforcement; Causes of Casualties; Countermeasures

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