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The Teaching Reform of Student-centered Practice in Rehabilitation Therapy

Feifei Xu


Under the new curriculum reform, "students" are the main body of classroom teaching. In order to ensure the full
play of the main body's role and help students develop good study habits, to ensure the standardized development of
professional internship teaching before graduation, it is to comprehensively improve the quality of talent cultivation and
effective channels to improve students' professional quality. At this stage, the aging trend in my country is becoming more
and more intense. In this general environment, in order to meet the needs of patients for rehabilitation and medical care,
rehabilitation therapy students need to continuously improve their professional skills and core literacy on the basis of
mastering a wealth of theoretical knowledge. For this reason, this article mainly focuses on students. The center
systematically analyzes the status quo of internship teaching of rehabilitation treatment majors and effective optimization
strategies, so as to promote their comprehensive development on the premise of ensuring the effectiveness of talent


Rehabilitation Therapy; Student-centered; Practice Teaching; Current Teaching Situation; Optimized Countermeasures

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