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Promotion of the Construction of Medical Immunology Course with the Goal of Creating "Golden Class"

Jun Hou, Xiaofang Wang, Dan Dong, Junying Xu, Suwen Wang, Jingzhou Wang, Xian Wang, Xueling Chen


In order to increase the gold content of immunology learning, stimulate students' interest in learning and
improve the learning effect, we take building a "golden class" as the goal, carry out the construction of medical
immunology curriculum, and use different immunology teaching methods to promote the mutual growth of teaching
through the learning of clinical cases of immunology; We also carry out immunological literature learning, improve
students' knowledge reconstruction and application ability, and carry out online phased testing, in order to make learning
difficult and challenging, increase the timeliness, cutting-edge and application value of medical immunology teaching
content, to effectively improve the teaching quality


Medical Immunology; Golden Class; Case, Science Frontier

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i7.3818