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The Teaching Status of "Engineering Fluid Mechanics" in Colleges and Universities and the Study of Cross-school Study Practice

Duojiao Guan


"Engineering Fluid Mechanics" is a basic subject of power and mechanics, civil engineering, architecture and
other professional technologies. In order to ensure the realization of high-quality teaching goals, the modern education and
teaching mode of "inter-school study" is adopted under the deepening reform of curriculum teaching. It is imminent.
Compared with traditional distance education or MOOC education teaching mode, "inter-school study" not only breaks the
limitations of traditional education and teaching, but also plays an important role in expanding students' horizons and
meeting their knowledge needs. Therefore, this article is mainly based on the teaching status of "Engineering Fluid
Mechanics", and the effective teaching strategy of "inter-school study" is discussed in depth, so as to promote the
comprehensive development of students.


Engineering Fluid Mechanics; Teaching Status; Cross-school Study; Effectiveness Strategy

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