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Analysis on the Coordination and Connection between the Implementation of Civil Code and Civil Procedure Law

Bingjie Chen


The formal promulgation and implementation of Civil Code in 2020 marks another great progress in China's rule of law. Its implementation is of great significance. It is an important measure for China to comprehensively implement the rule of law and improve the national rule of law system. The implementation of Civil Code is a major legislative project. Only by ensuring the effective implementation of this legal document can it play its role. Among them, to ensure the effective implementation of Civil Code, the key is to solve the litigation applicability in specific controversial events. Only by ensuring its judicial applicability, can the provisions of Civil Code be connected with specific events, so as to achieve the normative role of law on human social relations and behavior. Therefore, to ensure the applicability of Civil Code, we must deal with the coordination and docking between the implementation of Civil Code and the civil procedure law, and deal with the personal and property relations of relevant civil subjects in the civil field.


Civil Code; Implementation; Civil Procedure Law; Coordination; Connection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i9.3983