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The Construction of “Thought and Politics Curriculum” in the Teaching of Professional Courses in Colleges and Universities——Taking Inorganic Chemistry as An Example

Wen Guo


In recent years, colleges and universities have introduced ideological and political education into the professional courses offered by the school. The purpose is to use the long-term operation and collaborative innovation mechanism of this new teaching model to guide the relevant knowledge and values of college students, and finally realize the job of teaching and educating people in colleges and universities. University educators and managers try to dig out the contents of life education, teamwork spirit, patriotism education, medical ethics education and legal education in each professional course according to the professional requirements and students’ characteristics. Inorganic chemistry is a compulsory course for students majoring in materials science, chemical engineering, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine in colleges and universities, that is to say, it is a necessary way for students to build basic knowledge. Therefore, colleges and universities integrate the professional knowledge of inorganic chemistry and ideological and political education to explore the basic methods and ways to implement the ideological and political curriculum in inorganic chemistry. Therefore, in the context of inorganic chemistry teaching, it is necessary to grasp students’cognitive level, knowledge structure and professional quality when teaching students’ideological and political education. Only in this way can we reasonably design curriculum objectives, conceive special ideological and political education methods, and cultivate high-level talents in the new era with patriotism, professional quality, lofty ideals and exquisite skills.


Inorganic Chemistry; Ideological and Political Education; Curriculum; Colleges and Universities; Teaching Model

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i9.4002