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Promoting the Reform and Practice of Circuit Courses in Multi-dimensionality Facing the First-class Courses

Zhunan Jiang, Peng Ye, Jia Yu, Dejiang Qi, Wenbo Yu


First-class courses are “golden courses”. To create first-class courses, you must have excellent teachers, high-quality teaching content, efficient teaching methods, perfect teaching materials and advanced teaching management. It can be seen that the construction of first-class courses has a long way to go, and the quality of course construction is closely related to teaching concepts and teaching methods. Circuit is an important basic subject for electronics majors. This article starts from the dilemma of circuit teaching in colleges and universities, and explores the reform and practical measures of circuit course for first-class courses in multi-dimensional promotion, in order to improve the current situation of circuit teaching, improve the quality of talent training, and build gold lesson classroom.


First-class Course; Multi-dimensional; Circuit Course; Reform Practice

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v5i9.4021