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The Market Research of New Oriental Online Education in the Post-epidemic Era

Yuzhou Wang, ZhengKun Sun, Xu Han, ZeYu Long, Xiyuan Long


With the COVID-19 occured swiftly and uncontrol lablely, many students lost their opportunity to study onsite. At that time, the online education saved this situation a lot, it not only break the limitations of time and region, but also the listeners can learn at their work flexiablity. As of September 2020, the epidemic in China has been effectively controlled, and offline education has gradually returned to its original state. However, the practice of online education during the epidemic has proved that online education have a huge potential market, online and offline integrated education has become a new trend in education industry. In this report, our aim is to explore which area New Oriental can improve to increase the retention rate of online education customers after the epidemic.


Market Research; New Oriental Online Education; Post- epidemic Era

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