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Analysis of Teaching Status and Improvement Measures of Higher Vocational Education Projects

Jinding ke


Nowadays, higher vocational education has always been the backbone of the development of education. Compared with undergraduate education, higher vocational education is more adaptable to the development of society and can accurately meet the skills needed by society. Under the new educational situation, China's higher vocational education has begun to implement project teaching. However, since the implementation of the new teaching program, it has been affected by many aspects, including teaching resources, teaching ability and teaching facilities. Higher vocational education is facing different challenges, and gradually deviates from the original teaching objectives. Experts have done a lot of research on the current field of vocational education in China. This paper makes a reasonable analysis of the problems existing in the implementation of project education policy in higher vocational education and puts forward solutions.


Higher Vocational Education; Project Teaching; Reform Measures

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Gong, H., Liu, J., Xu, F.F., Reflections on the Current Situation of Project-based Teaching of Public English in Higher Vocational Education[J]. English square, 2020, 117(09): 60-62.

Gu, D.X., Exploration on the construction of the project-based teaching system of the University Humanities Foundation course in higher vocational colleges[J]. Journal of Changsha Civil Affairs Vocational and Technical College, 2021, 28(1):3.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i3.4161