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Research on the Effective Combination of Analytical Chemistry and Ideological and Political Education in the New Era

Ting Xue


In recent years, China has been committed to the quality education reform process, ideological and political education has become an important part of the current teaching. We must attach great importance to, can not be ignored. Under the new situation, schools should adhere to moral education, pay attention to ideological and political work, and implement it in the whole education process, to achieve "all round" education. In the teaching process of analytical chemistry courses, teachers should integrate it with ideological and political education. It is necessary to cultivate students' solid professional knowledge and exercise students' thinking ability, but also pay attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. For now, this part is still relatively weak and needs to be further strengthened. Adding ideological and political education content to analytical chemistry courses is not a simple task. It has certain complexity and needs to be controlled from many aspects.


Chemistry and Ideological and Political Education; Effective Combination; New Era; Analysis

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Zhang, G.F., Xu, J.Y., Hu, F., Cai, Y., Exploration on the ideological, political and educational reform of the professional basic course Material Physical Chemistry[J]. Guangdong Chemical Industry, 2021, 48(12):223+256.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i3.4166