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Exploration on the Early Development of Children's Leadership Based on the "Big 5" Personality Theory

Jie He, Kyung Yee Kim


This paper aims to discuss the feasibility of the early development plan of children's leadership under the "Big Five" personality theory, introduce the personality, "Big Five" personality theory, leadership and children's leadership related theories, and analyze the research trends of children's leadership. In the field of leadership training and development, children's leadership belongs to the early training stage of leadership, and children are the early stage of personality, intelligence and character development. Through early leadership courses and training, the research trend of leadership can be advanced to childhood, which helps to explain the training and formation process of leadership. Some empirical studies also show that the external factors that have the greatest impact on Teenagers' leadership development are mainly parents and parents. Therefore, this topic focuses on the ways of early leadership development in family and school. Finally, it comes to the possibility and ways of early leadership development in family education, early leadership development in school education, and interaction between family education and school education.


"Big Five" Personality; Child Leadership; Early Development; Approach Exploration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i3.4258