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Research on the Teaching Reform of Primary School Art Curriculum and Teaching Theory Based on STEAM Concept

Xiao Zhang


The main teaching purpose of opening the art courses in the primary school stage is to improve the level of the aesthetic education of the primary school students, which is more in line with the five education content advocated in the quality education. Past old elementary school art teaching method has been difficult to meet the needs of pupils 'art learning, the emergence and development of STEAM concept, can provide better teaching guarantee for elementary school art education reform, under the STEAM concept this education idea can better develop students' imagination, aesthetic ability and innovation ability, and effectively promote the progress of primary school art education career.


STEAM Concept; Elementary School Art Curriculum; Teaching Reform; Teaching Practice

Included Database


Lin XL. Fine Arts Classroom Teaching under the STEAM Concept [J]. Fine Art Education Research. 2019(14):75.

Liang YL. Based on the curriculum of primary school art practice activities under the concept of STEAM education [J]. External Education in China. 2019(19):567.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i23.4612