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Critically Discuss the Changes Taking Place in the Sphere of Adver- tising and Promotion as a Result of the Spread of Digital Media in an International Context

Shi Dai


The world is changing drastically, which are spreading throughout the social, economic and political activities of the
human. One of the significantly affected areas has been in the economic field. Global trade is an important aspect in the world
today such that there has been a greater choice for the consumer due to increased competition, and thus, businesses and companies
have resulted in advertising and promotions to maintain their brands and reputations. In the past, advertisements and promotions
were greatly concentrated on communication mediums such as television and radios. However, with the increase in the spread of
digital media in the international arena, there have been introductions of new means that continue to revolutionize advertisement
and promotion. Internet advertisement, for example, the interactions of ads and e-commerce websites, has been a great tool that
companies and individuals continue to utilize to reach their customers. Therefore, this essay will critically discuss the changes
experienced in the field of advertising and promotion as a result of digital media use in the international context, and also these
changes are impacting or hindering the critical elements of advertisement and promotion.


Digital era; Promotion; Advertising; Social media

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