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Optimization Scheme of Bipolar Plate for Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Xiaoqing Zhang


Fuel cell is one of the main powers of new energy vehicles. In the fuel cell, bipolar plate is an important component for
its normal operation, which plays a variety of roles, such as distributing reaction gas, collecting current, draining water, conducting
heat and supporting machinery. Its flow field structure determines the proportion of reaction area, the uniformity of reaction gas
distribution, etc., and significantly affects many important parameters such as fuel cell power, current density distribution in the
range of electrode plates, voltage consistency between electrode plates, etc., thus determining the working performance index and
service life of fuel cell, which is an important content of fuel cell structure design. at present, the hydrogen fuel cell technology is in
the initial stage, and there are some problems, such as uneven distribution of reaction gas in the whole system, low conversion rate
of hydrogen and electricity, and high production cost, especially the low reaction effect of bipolar plate flow field and the utilization
rate of membrane electrode, which seriously affect the popularization of fuel cells.


Fuel cell; Bipolar plate; Structure design

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i15.5173