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The Inspiration of the Symbiotic Community of Shared Future for Mankind to Chinese-style Modernization-- Reading "Social Rationalization and China's Modernization in the Context of Symbiosis" by Zhang Yongzhen

Zushe Yuan


The symbiotic logic contained in the community of human destiny is a key to solve the crisis of modernity, and also a path to open the new form of human civilization. Journey to modernity as the background of China's modernization, in the logic of human destiny community symbiosis philosophy under the guidance of China's modernization to cross two phases, the first is the complete development of the early social rationalization of modernity, the social vicissitude of phase, the second phase is reasonable reflective society as reference, go beyond the development of the western modernity malpractice, To walk out a new road of modernity is to get rid of instrumental rationality and the development state of rationalism, to take the road of symbiosis rationality, to realize the symbiosis development of theoretical rationality, practical rationality and aesthetic rationality, to form the cultural pattern of aesthetic symbiosis, and to open up a new paradigm of human civilization.


Symbiotic logic; A community with a shared future for mankind; Chinese-style modernization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i15.5193