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Research on the Construction of Music Education and“Curriculum Ideological and Political”

Nan Luo


Music education, as an indispensable part of art education, under the background of the current education career development, for students of various qualities virtues and moral accomplishment training plays an important role. In vigorously promoting quality education in colleges and universities at the same time, for the students’ ideological education emphasis are also gradually improve, which requires active exploration of ideological and political education elements contained in music education, strengthening the construction of ideological and political education in the curriculum, so as to facilitate students to learn professional knowledge, while getting benign educational edifi cation and infl uence, enlightening wisdom, and developing many fi ne qualities and morality. Enhance students’ aesthetic ability and art appreciation ability, and promote students’ comprehensive quality development. This paper analyzes the relevant content of music education and curriculum ideological and political construction. On the basis of analyzing the existing problems, puts forward reasonable measures and suggestions to be put into practice, in order to explore and exert the educational advantages of music education to the greatest extent


Curriculum ideology and politics; Music education; Aesthetic education; Ideological and political education; Values

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6668