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Overview of the Challenges and Methods of College English Teaching in the “Internet +” Era

Xuelong Zhou


With the rapid development of The Times, the network gradually into people’s lives, the arrival of the “Internet ” era has brought more convenience and opportunities for many industries. In terms of education, the arrival of the “Internet ” era has also ushered in more challenges and development direction for university English education. In the traditional college English teaching mode, the English lecturers are all the theme of the classroom, leading the students’ learning process, and leading the stu-dents to learn. This way of education and no longer adapt to the current education stage and the current updated teaching concept,it is diffi cult to meet the educational needs of students under the rapid development of The Times.”Internet ” belongs to a new education concept, but also now university English needs to explore a new road, as a university English teacher must also be able to keep up with the change of The Times, to face the challenges brought by the era of “Internet ” brave, but also to use the method,using the network to promote students ‘interest in learning, complete their classroom goals, improve the students’ comprehensive quality and self-learning ability. This paper discusses and summarizes how to teach college English responds to the new challenges and methods in the context of the “Internet ” era.


“Internet +” era; College English; Challenge and methods

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6671