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Research and Analysis of the Mixed Teaching of “Foreign Literature” Course Online and Offl ine

Hua Zhao


This paper fi rstly puts forward the core concept of online and offl ine blended fi rst-class courses from the defi nition and concept of blended teaching and the design and conception of blended courses. Secondly, based on the textbook History of Foreign Literature, this paper explores the mixed teaching measures of “foreign literature” course online and offl ine, including the teaching concepts of ideology and politics in the course and guidance of learning output for reference.


Foreign literature; Blended teaching; Measures; Core Concept

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[1] Li Min. Research on the Implementation Strategy of Curriculum Ideology and Politics Based on Blended Teaching -- A Case Study of Chinese Contemporary Literature Curriculum [J]. Modern Communication,2021(24):1-3.

[2] Li Yuanyuan. On the Application of Literary Criticism in College English Teaching under Hybrid Mode [J]. Journal of Liaoning Teachers College (Social Science Edition),2020(1):60-61,66.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6683