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High School Chinese Teaching Practice under the Whole Study of Large Unit

Jie Zheng


Under the background of the new curriculum reform, the teaching of Chinese curriculum is developing and innovating continuously. In order to better adapt to the trend of the current education reform, the whole learning of large units began to integrate into the high school Chinese classroom. This teaching mode is an innovation of the traditional education and teaching mode. With the continuous deepening of teaching, the teaching content in the Chinese class will be more and more enriched, and the learning effi ciency of students will be improved. This paper analyzes the methods and strategies of Chinese teaching in senior high school with the background of holistic learning in large units. As far as high school students are concerned, their cognition is spiraling upward, and their thinking will continue to improve in the process of using what they have learned to solve problems.Although we may encounter many problems and diffi culties in the overall learning of large units, the so-called teaching is not a perfect art. Although there are diffi culties and problems, we believe that we will gradually move towards a more perfect state in the process of discovering, analyzing and solving problems.


Large unit holistic learning; High school Chinese teaching; High school students

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6686