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Research on Ideological and Political Practice Teaching Reform of Auditing Course

Qun Liu


Curriculum ideological and political thinking is to carry out the fundamental task of moral cultivation and cultivate qualifi ed successors with excellent character and learning for socialism with Chinese characteristics. The importance of audit cause in our country increases with each passing day, at the same time along with the continuous progress of science and technology, our expectations and requirements for audit talents are more and more high. However, at present, our audit education can not meet the needs of the rapid development of the audit cause, so it is necessary to adapt to the new situation to accelerate the pace of reform and construction. Based on the ideological and political reform of auditing course in colleges and universities, combined with the current situation of the ideological and political reform of auditing course, this paper starts from the necessity of reform, explores the eff ective path to realize the ideological and political reform of auditing course, explores the ideological and political elements of auditing course deeply, and provides reference suggestions for further strengthening the ideological and political teaching reform of auditing course in colleges and universities and improving the quality of auditing personnel training.


Auditing; Curriculum ideological and political; System of assessment

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6704