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Risks and Suggestions of Live E-commerce Based on Industry Chain Ecology

Shimeng Pan


At present, live e-commerce has become a brand-new format for the development of e-commerce. After its emergence,it has been welcomed by consumers. It has developed rapidly and has a large transaction scale. It has formed a complete industrial chain around the live broadcast platform. However, due to the late start of live e-commerce and lack of management experience, there are many problems in the development of live e-commerce, and the probability of risk is high, which seriously restricts its long-term development. In order to maximize the advantages of live e-commerce, it is necessary to propose coping strategies for the risks that arise in live e-commerce to reduce the probability of risk. This paper analyzes the industrial chain ecology of live e-commerce, points out the common risks in the development of live e-commerce, and puts forward the development suggestions of live e-commerce based on the premise of industrial chain ecology, aiming to provide reference for future research and improve the development level of live e-commerce.


Industrial chain ecology; Live e-commerce; Risks; Development suggestions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6706