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Research on the Teaching Reform of Health Education Curriculum

Xiufeng Zhao, Tao Sun, Yuening Li, Changhua Qin


This article fi rst analyzes some policy guidelines on health education under the Healthy China strategy and puts forward the urgency of improving the health education ability of physical education personnel, and then analyzes the current model of school health education and points out that there is an obvious “crisis” of health education in primary and middle schools in our country. There is neither clear and reliable health education curriculum carrier, nor professional health education teachers training,let alone the implementation eff ect of health education. Then, the author traced the source of the curriculum reform of health education in physical education specialty and analyzed the development situation and existing problems of Health education curriculum, and further pointed out that Physical education students are the backbone of school health education in the future.By reforming the teaching of Health education curriculum, optimizing the classroom teaching method and increasing the training of practical skills, improving students’ ability to use basic theoretical knowledge, and then fi nally we should achieve the goal of improving students’ practical skills in carrying out health education activities.


Physical Education Specialty; Health Education; Curriculum Teaching Reform

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6714