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Exploration of Practical Approaches to Cultivate Students’Intercultural Communicative Competence in College Japanese Teaching

Ying Zhang


In the past Japanese teaching in colleges and universities, teachers generally emphasized the technical level of pronunciation standard, accurate grammar and appropriate translation, but they did not receive enough attention in cultural and language application. Under such a classroom teaching mode, students’ cross-cultural communication ability and Japanese learning ability will decline, and due to lack of communication ability, students cannot adapt to the actual requirements of Japanese talents in our country. The “Syllabus for the Basic Stage of Japanese Majors in Colleges and Universities” clearly puts forward the teaching goal of basic Japanese teaching in colleges and universities, that is, to reasonably cultivate students’ cross-cultural communication ability. It can be seen from this that the teaching goal of Japanese majors in colleges and universities has shifted from emphasizing language ability and communicative ability to cultivating students’ cross-cultural communication ability so that they can have the learning eff ect of using language for communication. Therefore, how to cultivate students’ cross-cultural communication ability in the teaching of Japanese major in colleges and universities is an important topic in the current Japanese teaching in colleges and universities.


Japanese in colleges and universities; Cross-cultural communication ability; Cultivation

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