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Analysis of Opera Helmet and Hat Art and Its Modeling Design

Zhiyong Yang


The use of opera helmet and hat art can further ensure the stage eff ect of the characters, especially the helmet and hat are made according to the image characteristics of the characters. It is an interpretation of the character image. The use of helmet and hat can greatly enrich the character image and make it more specifi c. It is of great signifi cance to interpret the character characteristics and social status of the characters. From this, we can see the infl uence of the artistic expression form on the expression of the whole opera. In order to further enhance the expression eff ect of opera, we should pay attention to the eff ective application of helmet and hat art, and in the application process, combined with the development characteristics of the current era and people’s ideological form Characteristics, innovate and improve it so that the actual artistic eff ect can be fully guaranteed. This article is from the opera helmet art and its modeling design and other aspects of the narrative, through the specifi c analysis of the helmet art development and its modeling design characteristics and its specifi c application in the opera to eff ectively explain, so as to clarify its value embodiment, in order to help promote the development of opera helmet art.


Opera; Helmet hat art; Modeling design

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6736