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The Application of Situational Teaching Method in Management Teaching

Shuyun Zhang


With the deepening of the transformation and development of colleges and universities and the proposed requirements for the training of applied talents, the traditional classroom teaching of educational management is facing various crises. In the process of prediction, scenario synthesis analysis is diff erent in the diffi culty of analysis and the appropriate time range of prediction, and also requires higher prediction skills, so the prediction results are more valuable to a certain extent. Based on the cultivation of educational management talents, it is necessary to use situational teaching method in the teaching process to help students experience a variety of management situations, eff ectively master the theoretical knowledge of educational management,and improve the ability of applying theory to practice. This paper discusses the theoretical connotation of situational teaching method, the necessity of applying situational teaching method in educational management and how to implement situational teaching method in the classroom teaching of educational management, so as to promote the in-depth application of situational teaching method in the classroom of educational management.


Situational simulation; Experiment teaching; Method management; Teaching system

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v6i21.6744