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A Brief Analysis of the Audience Market Segmentation of TV Cultural Variety Shows -- Taking the 2022 China Central Radio and Television Program as an Example

Wenjing Dai


In recent years, TV cultural variety shows, which are represented by “China in the Classics” and “Ode to the Classics”, have attracted extensive attention from all walks of life by integrating traditional culture with variety shows. To explore the development trend of TV culture, improve the audience segmentation, a higher degree of satisfy the audience demand and improve the audience’s satisfaction, this article from the perspective of communication studies, according to the basic principle of marketing, analysis of TV culture variety show audience segmentation, in 2022, the central radio and television reception desk four high ratings program, for example, Secondary data survey and data analysis were used to study the three dimensions of population subdivision, regional subdivision and psychological subdivision. In addition, it comprehensively analyzes the impact of audience market segmentation on the future innovation path of TV cultural variety shows, so as to bring enlightenment
and provide reference for the innovative development of TV cultural shows.


TV cultural variety shows; China Media Group; Audience market segmentation; Influence

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i6.7685