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Artistic Healing Comes to Society Through “Yao-Chinese Folktales”

Yibei Li, Siqi Xue


In the rise of national comics, “Yao-Chinese Folktales” seems to have taken an unusual way. The narrative structure is different from the general sense of “strange talk”, but it is a way of deep perspective, reflection and discussion on contemporary social life; Thus, it integrates the traditional Chinese culture. The whimsical ideas of traditional Chinese culture achieving an effective cooperation between tradition and modernity, not only meeting the psychological life and aesthetic needs of modern people, but also revitalizing national cultural confidence. This paper takes art healing theory as the research base, combining psychology, psychoanalysis, Chinese painting techniques and philosophy, and other related knowledge, exploring the inner aesthetic meaning and practical significance of this work.


Art healing; Psychology; Chinese painting; Traditional culture; Social value

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