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A Case Study of Application of “Instant PAD” Method in College English Teaching for Art and PE Majors

Cuiying Wang


According to the teaching difficulty and operation cycle, PAD teaching method can be divided into four modes: instant teaching, in-class teaching, inter-class teaching and inter-week teaching. This paper introduces the principles and basic operation steps of classroom teaching, the advantage of instant teaching, the structure of New Orientation College English, the characteristics of students majoring in art and PE, and the examples of phonetic teaching. The methods of literature, case analysis and observation are adopted. By combining or alternating with the other three methods, students can learn more actively and effectively in College English classes. For future research, one could study the combined application of the four sub-models in a teaching period, or in a unit or semester.


Instant PAD; Four PAD models; College English teaching

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[1] Wang Cuiying. (2017). Discussion on College English Cultural Teaching in the Classroom Model. Science and Technology Vision, 53.

[2] Wang Cuiying & Zhao Wanli. (2019). The Application of “Instant PAD” in College English Teaching. Journal of Xianyang Normal University, 104-107.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i6.7738