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Analysis of the Views of Language Learning on PEP Senior High School Textbooks(2019):A Case Study of “Unit 1, Teenage Life” of Compulsory Book 1

Zhaoyue Ma


The psychology of language learning, as a classic issue that reveals the laws of language learning and manifests the underlying logic of language learning, owns a very important position in language acquisition and teaching. The current research on the language learning view is mainly focused on the analysis of English textbooks. However, there is little research involved in the analysis of the language learning view of the widely used high school English textbooks published by the People’s Education Press. In order to deepen the understanding of language learning perspectives, maximize the practical value of PEP high school English textbooks, and improve the English learning eff ects of high school students, this research took the language learning theories as the research topic and “Unit 1, Teenage Life” of Book 1 as a case study of explore the manifestation of the language learning view of the high school English textbook (2019) of the People’s Education Press (PEP). Specifi cally, this research attempts to answer the following two research questions: 1. Which language learning views do PEP senior high school English textbooks (2019) reveal, taking “Unit 1, Teenage Life” of compulsory book 1 as a study case? And to what extent are the language learning views revealed? 2. How are the language learning views revealed through the exercises?
In order to answer the above questions, this research adopts a simple qualitative research method. Through careful observation and in-depth analysis of all language knowledge related exercises in this unit, the research results are obtained. The four main language learning views were all revealed in the exercises correspondent to language knowledge acquisition; of the four language learning theories, the cognitive theory was the most adopted one whereas the behaviorism was the least. This study provides some empirical support for the study of language learning theories refl ected in English textbooks, and bestows important implications for teaching and research of English language in China.


View of language learning; PEP high school English textbooks; Textbook analysis

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i14.8659