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Exploring the Value of Calligraphy Education in the Background of Intelligent Era

Zhongyue Liang


Higher education institutions are productive forces, talents are resources, and innovation is the driving force. To achieve high-quality development of higher education, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the relationship between “technological innovation” and “education and teaching”. It is necessary to accelerate the application of artifi cial intelligence in calligraphy education, promote and support the cultivation mode of calligraphy talents with intelligent technology, innovate calligraphy education, and improve the level of calligraphy education, Systematically promote the integration and development of artifi cial intelligence and calligraphy education, and achieve two-way empowerment of the two. Calligraphy, as a symbol of excellent Chinese culture, its education will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the culture and education of the new era, and demonstrate its unique era value.


Intelligent education; Calligraphy; Innovation; Teaching

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