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Space Production of “Poetry and Distance” Based on Islands-Analysis of Variety Show “I’m Reading on the Island”

Jingyu Cui


Based on the geographical space of “Boundary Island”, I read on the Island, using the unique space of the island to construct the image of “poetry and distance. Through the narrative technique of life fl ow, the variety show constructs the literary “Peach Blossom Land” in the public’s imagination, realizes the dual mirror expression of the spiritual outlet and interpersonal relationship of contemporary urbanites, and embodies Foucault’s concept of “Heterotopia” (heterotopias). At the same time, according to the “Third Space” (Third Space) theory, “I read in the island” in different cultures with differences to find a negotiated interactive channel, for the marginalized literature, reading and paper media to provide a rising way, not only to alleviate the cultural anxiety of the media era, but also to promote the public attention to literature, the new orientation of the activation of literature.


Istudy in the island; Space production; Heterotopia; The third space

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i14.8697