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Labor Education in Primary and Secondary Schools, Status Quo Investigation and Countermeasure Research

Ping Wan


Combining the historical development with the current situation, this paper will take the practice of more than 30 urban and rural primary and secondary schools as eample and make a deep investagation on the situation of the carrying out of laboure education in a city According to listening extensively to opinions and suggestion of the experts and learning from the advanced experience,and on the base of a questionnaire survey which was conducted online. The author found out that the independent status of labor education curriculum has gradually emerged, and attention on laboure education is generally increased. The three-party cooperative labor education mechanism of home, school and society has been initially formed. But at present, it is still facing many diffi culties in the construction of labor education such as full-time teachers is relatively backward; the relative lack of labor and education resources construction and other diffi culties. The aim of this paper is to put forward to improve the labor education teacher training and team construction, encourage diversified evaluation methods and other measures, so that to provide references for the majority of educators.


Primary and secondary schools; Current situation of labor education; Strategy research

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i14.8712