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Vocational Goal Orientation in English Teaching Strategies in Higher Vocational Colleges

Meiyan Zhang


In the current process of English teaching reform in higher vocational education, English teachers in higher vocational education need to be guided by students’ career development goals, innovate existing English teaching mechanisms and methods, and improve students’ enthusiasm and initiative in participating in English learning. This article briefly analyzes and discusses the current situation of English teaching in higher vocational colleges, proposes principles for English teaching in higher vocational colleges under the guidance of career goals, taking students’ career development and hierarchical learning as the core guiding principles, improving teaching efficiency, and proposes key measures to enhance the effectiveness of English teaching in higher vocational colleges. In addition, in the process of English teaching in higher vocational colleges, English teachers also need to adhere to practical and suffi cient teaching ideas, and eff ectively integrate professional teaching and English teaching, so as to optimize teaching assessment and evaluation mechanisms, and improve English teaching level.


Vocational English; Teaching Strategies; Career Goals

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i14.8723