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Research on Project-based Teaching Reform of "Sports and Health Management" Based on Students' Conditions Analysis

Yuanyuan Pan, Zhe Chen, Qihong Tan


Analysis of students' conditions is the basis of teaching design, and it is also the prerequisite guarantee for the implementation of the teaching concept of "student-centered". "Sports and Health Management" is off ered in sports colleges and comprehensive colleges and universities. The course requires the combination of theory and practice, but in the past, fully classroom teaching was diffi cult to stimulate students' theoretical learning motivation, and the link of students' practice was also out of touch with the goal of talent cultivation.
In order to adapt to the learning needs of students and extend the time and space of the classroom, this article analyzes the questionnaire survey of 169 students majoring in Sports Economics and Management, including the starting point of learning, learning experience and learning evaluation. Combined with the existing online resources, high-quality micro-classes and relevant case links of the "Sports and Health Management" course, the course is designed for blended teaching, which ensures the implementation of blended teaching through online and offl ine linkage and establishes a multi-body evaluation of the course assessment with a view to solving the teaching pains and changing the way of students' learning in an appropriate way.


Students' Conditions Analysis; Blended Teaching; Sports and Health

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i23.9799