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Study on the Traditional Settlement Form in the Perspective of Cultural Migration and Change -- Taking Tunpu of Guizhou as an Example

Linshan Lu


China has thousands of years of cultural development history, due to the influence of many factors, culture in the process of development has also appeared many times of migration and change, and this cultural change also to the traditional settlement form had a greater impact. Tunpu in Guizhou was a military town in the southwest during the Ming Dynasty, and many Han people from Jiangnan and Central Plains moved to Guizhou to establish Tunpu. In the process of the development of Tunpu in Guizhou, it has been affected by cultural migration and changes, which has changed the form of its traditional settlement, and this change also makes the traditional settlement of Tunpu in Guizhou not only retain the imprint of traditional culture, but also integrate into the culture of many ethnic groups, which can provide a real and reliable basis for the study of the evolution of traditional settlement form. This paper analyzes the form of the traditional settlement of Tunpu in Guizhou from the perspective of cultural migration and change, and puts forward the development strategy of the traditional settlement of Tunpu in Guizhou from the perspective of cultural migration and change, aiming to provide reference and reference for future research.


Cultural migration; Cultural change; Traditional settlement; Form; Development strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i23.9825