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Research on the Training and Evaluation Methods of Artistic Literacy in Art Education

Wenxin Wang, Meihua Wang


Art education has a certain role in the development of college students ‘comprehensive quality. Under the influence of art, students’ artistic quality of college students has been effectively improved, they can constantly fi nd the beauty in life, so as to live a better life. In order to improve the artistic accomplishment of college students, many colleges and universities have opened corresponding courses. Through the study of these courses, college students can get more knowledge about art, and art education can get better evaluation. With the development of The Times, the importance of art education is becoming increasingly prominent, among which the cultivation of artistic accomplishment is indispensable, which can promote the healthy development of college students. Based on this, this paper first analyzes the current situation and evaluation methods of art education in colleges and universities, and then tells the artistic accomplishment and training strategies in art education from three aspects, so as to provide relevant people for reference.


Art education; Artistic accomplishment; Evaluation method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i23.9861