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Reform and Exploration of Applied Undergraduate Teaching under the Background of Engineering Certification

Xiaoqing Deng, Guangsen Tong, Xiangbo Xu, Bowen Zan, Pei Xu


With the increasing demand for engineering talents,engineering certification plays an increasingly important role in applied undergraduate education.This thesis aims to explore the reform and exploration of applied undergraduate teaching under the background of engineering certification.Firstly,through the analysis of the requirements of engineering certification for talent training,we find that applied undergraduate education needs to pay attention to the cultivation of practical ability,interdisciplinary comprehensive quality training and close integration with engineering practice.Secondly,we introduce some concrete reform and exploration practice,including reforming curriculum system,optimizing teaching methods,building experimental teaching center and so on.Finally,we summarize the achievements and experiences of these reforms and explorations,and point out the development trend of applied undergraduate education under the background of engineering certification.We believe that through these reforms and explorations,we can better train application-oriented undergraduate talents to meet the needs of engineering practice,and provide strong support for the development of engineering field in our country.


Engineering Certifi cation;Applied Undergraduate Teaching;Reform and Exploration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i23.9873