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Ideological and Political Teaching Reform and Practice of Introduction to Tourism from the Perspective of Lide Shuren

Fengyun Zhao


In the current field of education, Lide Shuren has become the central link of education reform. Taking the course of “Introduction to Tourism” as an example, this study discusses the reform and practice of ideological and political teaching in the perspective of Lide Shuren. First, a series of teaching reform measures are proposed and implemented, including the introduction and use of case teaching methods, and the reform of teaching evaluation methods. These reform measures are aimed at improving the quality of teaching and better achieving the goal of establishing morality and cultivating people, that is, cultivating students’ character, improving students’ moral qualities, and enabling students to become people with professional knowledge and skills in tourism, as well as good moral qualities. The goal of this paper is to provide specific teaching reform ideas, to provide reference for courses in tourism and other fields, and to promote the practice of the educational concept of Lide Shuren in higher education. It is hoped that this study can provide enlightenment for educators, help educators to implement teaching reform more effectively, improve teaching quality, and realize the educational goal of moral education.


Lide Shuren; Introduction to Tourism; Ideological and Political Course

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ahe.v7i23.9876