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On the Application Value of Virtual Reality Technology in Earth Science Work

Wen Huang


In recent years, with the continuous improvement and optimization of the level of science and technology, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been widely used in our society and has received great attention from the people. Generally speaking, as one of the new science and technology, this technology can realize the reasonable simulation and reconstruction of reality by means of information technology, which is of great significance and value to the optimization of audience’s sensory experience. In the process of geoscience research, with the unremitting efforts of researchers, VR technology is combined with geoscience research, thus laying a solid foundation and guarantee for the promotion and optimization of the comprehensive level of geoscience research in China. In this study, the researchers systematically analyzed and discussed the application value and specific application of VR technology in geoscience research work, aiming to lay a solid foundation and guarantee for the promotion and optimization of the comprehensive level of geoscience research work in China.


Earth Science; Virtual Reality Technology; Application Value; Integration; Practical Significance

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ag.v4i1.3067