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Research on Ecological Compensation Value Measurement of a Coal Resource Development in Southeast Asia

Zhiwei Lu


The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that human and nature are the community of life, and humanity must respect, conform and protect nature. With the increasingly severe international situation, the domestic and international economic dual-cycle policy is proposed, and the concept of protection in opening up and development in protection is recognized by more people. In the process of mineral resource development, the significance of measuring and studying the value of ecological environment compensation is particularly important. Based on the study of predecessor's measurement models, this paper comprehensively considers the impact of mineral resource development on forests, grasslands, farmlands, wetlands, water bodies and deserts and other ecological and economic environmental factors to varying degrees, and constructs a system that can fully consider the value of ecosystem environmental losses. Comprehensive measurement model. The ecological environment compensation value comprehensive measurement model is applied to the practice of coal mine ecological environment compensation value measurement, the coal mine ecological environment compensation value is calculated, and the applicability of the ecological environment compensation value comprehensive evaluation model is verified to a certain extent.


coal resources, development and utilization, ecological environment compensation value, measurement research

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