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Characteristics of Abnormal High Pressure in Linnan Sag and Its Formation Mechanism

Dong Liu


The Linnan Sag is located in the west of Jiyang Depression in the Bohai Bay Basin, and its Shahejie Formation has developed significant abnormal high pressure. Based on logging data and measured pressure data, this paper
discusses the development characteristics of abnormal high pressure; clarifies the cause mechanism of abnormal high
pressure; the study found that abnormal high pressures are generally developed in the the Es3z and Es3x and the Es4s in
the depression area, and the pressure coefficient is 1.1~1.4, and the development of abnormal high pressure in the center
of the depression is particularly remarkable, and the remaining pressure is above 20MPa. The central uplift belt and southern slope in the northeastern part of the study area showed a normal pressure state as a whole, and isolated small
abnormal high pressure systems developed locally. The most important cause of the abnormal high pressure in the Shahejie Formation may be the transmission of overpressure caused by the undercompaction of mudstone, and on this basis, the pressurization caused by hydrocarbon generation and dehydration of clay minerals is superimposed.


Abnormal high pressure; controlling factors; development characteristics; Shahejie Formation; Linnan Sag

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ag.v5i1.3296