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A Brief Study on Current Situation and Optimization Suggestions to the Geoscience Development in China

Yuqing Zhang


Geoscience is an important new branch of science, almost covering every aspect of the physic science, from geology to ocean, from atmosphere to hydrology, as well as physic science, chemical sciences, geology, space physics, information sciences, science of space times and so on, and which is closely related to human lives. It is of great era significance for our social development and the earth’s sustainable development to analyze and study the current development of geoscience. There are many problems needed to be studied and dealt with by geoscience, for example, how people get to know the nature, how people utilize and transform nature reasonably, how people coexist harmoniously and how people develop sustainably with nature. Modern geoscience research has put forward more questions on how to solve problems of resources, environment and disasters caused by economic and social development. This paper mainly discusses the current situation of geoscience development and puts forward several optimization suggestions on the development of geoscience, aiming to provide suggestions for geoscience research and help fellow researchers.


Geoscience; Sustainable development; Current situation; Optimization suggestions

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ag.v5i1.3580