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Research Progress of Gold Catalysts

Yunxi Du


The other reason why the possibility of gold as a potential catalyst has been overlooked is its extremely high value, which has led scientists to deduce that the cost of using gold as a catalyst would be unaffordable. Coupled with other factors, over the past few years, an overall chain of gold substances has resulted in a range of gold substances that are even much cheaper than other metals (such as platinum, germanium, and puts) that have been used in large-scale technology catalysis. Unlike the latter, thousands of tons of gold can be recovered from stoichiometry applications, and the mine also produces thousands of tons of gold per year. Therefore, the price of gold is relatively more stable than that of platinum, which is very advantageous if gold is applied to industrial channels. In addition, we need to remember that the price of catalysts is generally determined by ligands, not metals. Gold catalyst is also a nice choice in the field of catalyst, it has the four mean reasons.


Gold Catalysis; Lewis Acid; Optimization Conditions; Preparation Method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/ag.v6i1.4878